Securely & anonymously access any website from anywhere

Njutrino connects via SSH and can bypass proxies, unblock websites, hide your IP, and change your location.

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What is Njutrino?

Njutrino is a secure web browser designed to provide secure and anonymous access to any content in the world, no matter where you are, without restrictions. It is designed to keep users safe, anonymous and to unblock blocked sites.

Njutrino bypasses firewalls using an encrypted tunnel. This keeps all of your data safe and allows you to anonymously view any site you wish - even if the site is blocked using a normal browser. Your IP will be hidden, you cannot be tracked. If you are using the internet from an insecure location, Njutrino will protect you.


Why do I need Njutrino?

Njutrino has been designed to enable those who are being prevented by government or corporate firewalls to be able to access any website with no risk of being monitored. China, Turkey, Australia, the UAE and many more routinely block websites.

If you travel and use unsecured wifi connections or communal computers, you tranfer Njutrino to a USB key and take it around the world with you.

For expats around the world missing access to their home web content, (BBC IPlayer, use Njutrino and enjoy full access to any web content by selecting your home nation.

How does Njutrino work?

Njutrino is based on Chromium - the same technology behind Google Chrome. All traffic is RSA encrypted with a key unique to you making all browsing as secure as is possible. SSH tunnels then route your browsing through a selected server anywhere in the world - Njutrino is more than a proxy server.